What is a Speech Language Impairment?

Articulation Impairment- sound errors
Language Impairment- difficulties with comprehension, following directions, organizing thoughts and ideas, writing difficulty, repeating back sentences, categories etc.
Fluency-stuttering or cluttering; students repeat words/phrases/sounds, insertions, prolongations and blocks
Voice- raspy sounds, whispers, difficulty holding a sound out for a time etc.

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Welcome to Speech and Language Webpage

 On this webpage you will find strategies and other resources to aid in speech and language development within the following areas:

- Categories


-Articulation (speech sounds)


-Story retell

-Comprehension strategies



Ideas for Speech and Language

I spy ......

I spy is a game that works on descriptive words such as; color, size, categories, etc.  For example if you see a flag you might say, "I spy something red, white, and blue and we say The Pledge of Allegance to it.


Scavenger Hunt

This activity will work on vocabulary and ability to use their resources.  Parents and teachers can use the theme of the week to set up a scavenger hunt their child or student will have to complete for the week.



Any cooking activity can be turned into a language experience.  Through cooking the student learns how to follow a recipe (directions), sequence, and use measurements (math).  The student will also expand vocabulary through cooking through trying new items.  Also, categories can be worked on through talking about utensils, fruits, vegetables, etc. Even before the student begins, having them sort the items into categories.  

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