Welcome to 6th Grade!

Welcome to our classroom!!  We are working together to achieve our goals and share success.  Our classroom community is focused on maintaining high expectations and positive attitudes!

Important Reminders

    Silent read at home every night and then log the minutes in your assignment book.
    Practice math facts at home every night and log the minutes in your assignment book.
  • Get assignments books signed by a parent/guardian every night!



Good Readers...


1.  Make Connections- Good readers use memories, personal experiences, and information about the subject or author to help them remember and understand what they read.

2.  Make Predictions- Good readers anticipate what may be coming next.  When a predicted event doesn't occur, they revise their thinking and then make new guesses in order to stay involved in what they are reading.

3.  Stop and Think- Good readers give themselves time to absorb information they have read.

4.  Ask Questions- Good readers ask themselves clarifying questions (who, what, where, when) that can be directly found in the test as well as challenging themselves with questions like why or how that may require further research.

5. Reread- Good readers enhance comprehension by rereading portions of the text (a sentence, or even just a word) if it needs a little explaining.

6.  Adjust their Reading Rate-  Good readers don't read everything fast.  They slow down when something is difficult and read faster when something is less difficult, or familiar.

7.  Write About their Reading-  Good readers write about what they have read to allow themselves the opportunity to reflect and offer personal responses to the reading.

8.  Visualize- Good Readers create mental pictures about what they are reading.  Comprehension is often aided by being able to "see" what you read. 



Homework Hints

  1. Use time in class wisely so you can ask the teacher or other students for help if necessary.
  2. Be organized!!  It is much more difficult to complete assignments if you can't find your work or forgot a textbook at school.  Use your assignment notebook to keep track of what is due and what you will need to complete it.
  3. Follow the directions.  Avoid losing points/credit on assignments for forgetting your name or turning in incomplete work.
  4. Find a comfortable spot that is well lit and free from distractions.

Parents: Please feel free to contact me at any time to check on your student's progress or to ask questions about the work they are doing!!

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