Special Programs

Mount View Elementary has several special programs to aid students in learning and to better understand and control their own behaviors.



The Mt. View Family Room is located next to the library and offers a comfortable place for families and teachers to meet.  The room also features two computers (one Mac and one PC) that parents are able to use.  Furthermore the room is filled with helpful information about how parents can help their children be successful students.  The program is coordinated through the Department of Student and Community Services. It is partially supported by Title IV Safe/Drug Free Schools and Communities funding. The program is designed to encourage parental involvement, to assist the school with parental involvement and communication efforts, to assist families in the enhancement of their parenting skills through workshops, seminars, school events, and volunteerism, and to inform families of their children's accomplishments and school events.



Mount View Students have the opportunity to participate in Student Advisory Group (SAG).  Student Advisors act as ambassadors for our building, welcoming guests and representing Mt. View.  These students also help in making some school decisions.  



Mount View is excited to bring The Conflict Management program to our school. This is a preventive program that uses trained student facilitators to resolve conflict between students. Conflict managers are a group of students who are chosen because they are dependable and responsible. Their main goal is to help other students solve their own problem. Twenty students from the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades have been recommended to be conflict managers. They are trained to help students use a problem-solving process to clarify the nature of the dispute and to reach a solution satisfactory to both disputants. Monthly meetings are held along with an eight-hour training session each year.




The Positive Action Center (PAC) provides students with a positive environment in which to practice problem solving and develop individual responsibility. PAC supports students in problem solving, decision-making, and goal setting. It is the goal of PAC to build students' confidence as they apply skills learned in PAC to classroom situations. PAC is a component of our building management plan.



Mount View feels that teaching good character to students is important to providing a welcoming and learning atmosphere, as well as a safe and secure school environment. We have adopted the Character Counts! Character Education Curriculum for teaching our students the six pillars of good character: Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Trustworthiness, Fairness and Citizenship. Students displaying outstanding character are recognized through Paw Pats and a Notification of Character sent home. Students who need extra help in showing the six pillars are re-taught by staff members with three simple rules: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful. Teachers use these three rules to model and teach what good character looks like. We believe that we can help our children experience a lifetime of success in all areas of their lives.





The School District of Omaha is committed to ensuring that each of our schools provides a climate for students that promotes not only academic success. but also social, emotional, and behavioral success in a safe, secure, and disciplined learning environment.

Safe, Secure and Disciplined Schools is a process of bringing a new view of discipline to schools. This view is an instructional approach to discipline with a focus on teaching students to be successful and behave responsibly. Misbehavior is viewed as a teaching opportunity. Students are more apt to learn in a safe, secure environment because they attend school regularly, feel valued, and trust their teachers.


Partnership 4 Kids

The P4K program is a school-based program designed to improve the academic achievement and citizenship of participating elementary school students. Mount View joined the program in 2001-2002 school year and the teachers and students look forward to accomplishing the goal set for them as part of the program.