Mount View Elementary is involved in the EXCELS process. EXCELS is an ongoing, school managed process for planning and implementing strategies to improve student achievement. Schools successfully meeting the goals of EXCELS will become accredited by the North Central Association. The plan for Mount View School focuses on achievement and participation goals developed by the staff, students, parents, and community. Strategies and timelines are in place. Our School wide Title I project assists us in meeting our identified goals. For further information about the plan or its implementation, please contact Matthew Williams, principal at Mount View Elementary School (402-457-5117).


EXCELS goals

Math Goal:  Students will increase their number sense and problem solving skills by using the think aloud strategy in an effort to raise overall achievement.

Reading Goal:  Students will increase their vocabulary by receiving gradually released instruction based on their current skills in an effort to raise overall reading achievement.

Science Goal:  Students will utilize note taking strategies to increase science comprehension and achievement.

Safe, Secure and Disciplined Schools Goal:  Students will display good citizenship with help from a school wide, standardized set of behavior management techniques that include parents to help in creating a school environment that is safe and conducive to learning.